About Me

I am currently working as an Interactive Software Engineer at チームラボ / teamLab. I am interested in graphics technology and game development. I want to work on the projects that use graphics and game technologies to expand the boarder of game and entertainment.

Professional Projects

Implemented real-time GPU 3D fluid simulation(SPH and Euler grid fluid) to create multiple vortex effects on the floor and wind effects on the wall. Allows real-time interaction with people.

Implemented real-time GPU 3D smoke fluid simulation to create fire flame effects and their interaction with people on the floor area.

Implemented GPU boids of fish and crab and their interaction with people.

  • Implemented texture syncing tool which receives over 150 sketch airplane textures for the flight show from scanner, extracts main color palettes from them, packs and synchronizes textures among 15 content PCs through network.

  • Implemented GPU Particle system which emits over 10K smoke particles from the back of sketch airplane during the show in real time.

Worked on real time fluid simulation (SPH and Sorting in GPU) and rendering (GPU particle system and surface reconstruction for fluid) algorithms for fluid-human interaction of these two projects.

As main engineer to create visual effect (including particle effects, animation

and music show scene) and the system to map computer effects to real world LED


NBA2K14/NBA2K15/NBA2K16/NBA2K17/NBA2K18 Console/Mobile: Work as General Engineer on NBA2K. Fields varies on UI, Tool, Optimization and Gameplay, including UI tools, Touch screen components, Pipeline/compile tools, Frame rate Optimization, GameShop feature and controllers for touch gameplay.

Personal Projects

Besides Professional game/visual art projects, I am continuously working on several personal projects include a game engine and some projects related to physical based simulation of various natural phenomenon like water, clouds and snow.

I believe interaction and detail define a great game. So I am interested in making details like background environment in games.

Unity Shape Matching with Oriented Particles

Unity Material Point Method

Physically Based Fish Simulation

Ray Marching Volumetric Cloud

Snow Deformation

Physically Based Lightning Generation

  • Lightining Generation implementation of Fast Animation of Lightning Using An Adaptive Mesh

  • Github Code

Air Dynamic Model of Paper Airplane

  • Paper airplane simulation with Air Dynamic Model

  • Airplane movement is controlled by initial speed, initial speed, attack angle, wing span ratio, air density and weight of airplane.

  • To explore how to fly an paper airplane the farthest, I am working on an AR mini game with this air dynamic model.

  • Github Code

Deferred Rendering Engine

  • Modified/Optimized Deferred Lighting

  • Variance Shadow Maps

  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping

  • Scene Space Directional Occlusion

  • Lua Script Support

  • WPF Integration

  • Font Rendering

  • Multi-thread Resource loading

  • Exe File Github

Rainmaker Game